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When you visit MG Nutrition, you are at the ultimate sports nutrition online store. You will find a wide selection of supplements and protein powders that will support the beginner as well as the competing athlete every step of their fitness journey.

We stock a wide selection of well known branded vitamins, healthy foods, pre-workouts and proteins just to name a few, and are confident you will find your favourite and effective brand here!

A Bodybuilders Diet Plan

Personalised Plans

Our personalised diet plans factor in your dietary preferences and requirements. For example if you are a vegetarian we will ensure you receive a vegetarian diet plan with the correct macro nutrients. In addition to this, we find out what your fitness goal is. For some people it is fat loss and muscle building, for others they might have an upcoming athletic competition such as a race, etc.

You will be pleased to know that we have diet plans to suit your budget so don’t be shy, contact MGN to find out more! (When you purchase anyone of the MGN training or diet programmes you will receive in-store discounts, and live demonstrations of the exercises we give you with weekly online drop ins!).

Pet-Care Supplements

Supplements & Nutrition

At MGN we just love our animals, and know just how precious your pet is to you, they are of course family!

We also stock a range of vitamins and body care to support your puppy or kittens development right through to their mature years.

Return your pet’s loyalty by always keeping them fit well and healthy.

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