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Universal Pak (15) Supreme vitamin and mineral athlete support! REDUCED DEAL!


Guaranteed delivery this Thursday, 23 September


Universal Animal Pak (15 Pack) EXP ‘2020 –  hence reduced price! 

Animal Pak is the the foundational multi-vitamin, with everything necessary for supporting lean muscle mass and a constant anabolism (Growth of muscle and repair).

If you hit the gym hard medium or soft level, you still need to support your system, this will in turn REALLY support your workouts!
Taking Animal Pak daily has a plethora of benefits, from increased strength, to better energy levels and much faster recovery after the gym.
The Zinc and Uni-Liver help with testosterone levels, the Ginseng helps with heart health, and the Vitamin D helps with overall immune system strength and absorption of your Calcium intake for stronger bones.
Want to learn more about Animal pak? Click on the YouTube video below: 


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