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Size: 2kg

Servings: 66

Serving size: 30g

Serving suggestion: We recommend using this product in line with a healthy diet and training regime.  We recommend using 3 servings per day, 4 hours apart to help maintain a positive metabolic nitrogen balance.  Mix one 30g scoop with 350ml of chilled water in your Fitness Culture shaker cup and consume within 15 minutes of mixing powder content with water.



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As many leading athletes know, all proteins are not the same. The absorption and bioavailability of proteins is crucial to an athlete’s success.

For this reason Fitness Culture have created a carefully balanced formula of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. The whey isolate aims to fuel your positive nitrogen balance within 70 minutes, with a second wave of positive nitrogen with whey concentrate 2-3 hours after, which gives you a longer sustained release of positive nitrogen to the blood stream to support muscular growth and muscular stress recovery.

Furthermore, Fitness Culture has enhanced the balanced formula with a Microbiome Therapy consisting of pre and probiotic bacteria which, is in line with recognized leading natural therapists,  The Bio Whey 100 protein supports the gut lining, to help process the absorption of high biological-value proteins. 

Want to know just how important Microbiome is for our health? Check out the following video clip! 

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Raspberry Cream, Swiss Chocolate


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