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'Intense Labz' Pre-Workout and Pump Formula

This product contains 1100mg of Citrulline Malate, What is this ingredient?

In general, much research suggests Citrulline Malate  reduces blood pressure and improvement in blood flow.


Lots of people can benefit from supplementing with Citrulline. Because it also increases endurance, and improves cognition, just about any athlete or gym-goer will likely notice improvements when they start taking a supplement that contains Citrulline on a regular basis.

The following individuals will likely see the greatest benefits from adding it to their supplement regimen, though:

  • Endurance athletes (cyclists, runners, etc.)
  • Strength athletes (weightlifters, bodybuilders, etc.)
  • Those who enjoy the look of an enhanced post-workout pump
  • Those who need help recovering faster from their workouts
  • Those who want to feel focused and sharp, even without taking caffeine
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This ‘intense’ Pre-workout gives you a whopping 325mg of CAFFEINE!

To give you a comparison, your daily cup of coffee contains 60mg of caffeine!

Hold on, your in for a BIG adrenaline ride!

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