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I-LIFT Superb weight lifting belt for extreme back support Size Small. Leather

  • A wonderful thick leather belt to train with. 
  • A cutely proportioned belt that makes any waist (male or female) look very small and compact! 
  • This belt has a super thick padding just at the very centre of it’s support for your back so you have plenty of comfort while you train hard!
  • You can feel confident that this belt will support the toughest demands you need to put your back through in the gym or on the track.
  • This belt offers many people a range of uses, even back sufferers make this purchase for back support when gardening.
  • I-LIFT A true all rounder belt! 


Guaranteed delivery this Thursday, 23 September



I-LIFT Superior weight-lifting belt for back stability/comfort. DEADLIFTING. + THE ‘EVO’ PINK AND WHITE WRIST WRAPS (WITH THUMB LOOP).


Length: 96CM.

Width: 15.5 cm. Highest point (Centre back with logo) :  rest of width: 6cm.


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