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Hero Pump By AllNutrition 420 grams


ALLNUTRITION Hero Pump is an advanced pre-workout formula based on matrix citrulline malate, AAKG and beta-alanine. Moreover, it contains creatine which increases the physical efficiency in the case of short, consecutive and very intensive physical exercises. Ingredients included in the supplement:

Citrulline malate one of the most powerful precursors of nitrogen oxide (NO). It significantly enlarges blood vessels and increases the transport of blood nutrients, including the transport of anabolic stimulators to hard-working muscles.


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AAKG is an advanced form of Arginine amino acid which is tied to Alpha-Ketoglutarate which is a key agent in the Krebs cycle and in the amino acids metabolism. It promotes the efficiency of the working muscles which results in a significant growth of strength and stamina.

Beta-Alanine will provide you with the extreme energy, stamina, strength and power during training. Moreover, it has buffering, chelating and antioxidant properties.

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