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All Nutrition Omega 3 K2 + D3


Supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system
Helps to maintain the youth and improves the mood
Promotes the proper blood clotting
Promotes the maintenance of healthy bones
Supports the proper functioning of the immune system


Guaranteed delivery the next Monday, 2 August


ALLNUTRITION Omega 3 K2 D3 is a high-quality supplement which contains fish oil, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3. This supplement provides the omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and the natural Vitamin E which are essential complements to the daily diet.

Regular use reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and it improves the physical and mental condition.

Regular use of the Vitamin K2 mk7 (menaquinone) promotes the proper blood clotting and it promotes the maintenance of healthy and strong bones. This supplement includes 100% of the body daily requirement.

Vitamin D3 is frequently described as the ‚sun vitamin’. It promotes the maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. It promotes the proper functioning of the muscles and supports the immune system.


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