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Rachel Bodybuilder
Rachel Professional Nutritionist
Rachel Competing British Natural Bodybuilding Federation


Figure competitor/Fitness Instructor/Nutritional advisor.

Rachel is a figure competitor with a background of ballet, tap and modern dance who has won several bodybuilding shows in the Miss Figure category including the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation as well as Naaba, she predominantly enjoys the sport of bodybuilding and nutrition. This sport is also about the healthy foods we eat! She took Anatomy and Fine Art BA (Hons) at University College London then went on to pursue fitness instructor while completing her MA in art and design . Anatomy is a strong passion of hers and she continues to read and take course surrounding the subject.

Rachel can help you with

  • Muscle building and fatloss (Especially for females)
  • Understanding the human body and it’s response to resistance training and diet.
  • Dietary and training programs.
  • Pet Care advice.
  • Delivers talks and workshops relating to consistency in eating and exercise for life.
  • Exercise and supplement advice for menopausal and 40+ women.
Silvio Bodybulider & Supplements Advisor
Silvio Weight Training
Silvio Talking Supplements


Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer/ Nutritional advisor

Silvio has enjoyed reading and participating in the sport of bodybuilding for over twenty years. He has been trained and coached by the founder of Alpha Neon Adrian Melia as well as meeting and exchanging coaching tips with Pro Bodybuilders. Silvio is passionate about training and enjoys researching the latest pre-workouts, supplements and nutrition to support his clients. He always remains one step ahead of current trends with his research in order to give his clients an advantage.

Silvio can help you with

  • Training and Diet plans
  • Muscle building
  • Mass gaining
  • Fatloss
  • Supplement advice
  • Muscle recovery

We understand that…

MGN understand that in this current social media climate there is a copious amount of advice being thrown around suggesting this and that, often contradicting what you have previously read. This often leaves the fitness beginner confused and overwhelmed.

No matter where you are with your level of fitness just drop us  a line in order to receive the best one-to-one advice, demonstrated and proved!