How to stay motivated during lock down!

The evenings are long, and the days are short.When the sun eventually rises perhaps we can be hopeful for a fresh blue day ahead, despite the cold frosty weather. In these conditions it’s easy to become demotivated and wrap ourselves up taking comfort in a hot toddy, or two, (or even three)! Our bodies and […]

Coronavirus Update

Silvio & Rachel Muscle Genetics Nutrition Bodybuilding

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Blog update November 2019

Rachel & Silvio with Supplements

Edition No. 2 (P.S It really isn’t rocket science)! The word isolate means to remain alone or to be separated apart from others. Therefore, it is called a protein isolate because various components are separated from the whey. (Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained). These separated components (such as […]

Blog Update August 2019

Muscle Genetics Directors with Bodybuilding Supplements

Dear MG Nutrition Customers, Welcome to MG’s first health and fitness blog! In a nutshell both I Rachel, and Silvio (The Directors of MG Nutrition) are here to talk to you about the basic fat loss process! It really isn’t rocket science to lose fat consistently! Of course, most of you understand that in order […]