The evenings are long, and the days are short.
When the sun eventually rises perhaps we can be hopeful for a fresh blue day ahead, despite the cold frosty weather. In these conditions it’s easy to become demotivated and wrap ourselves up taking comfort in a hot toddy, or two, (or even three)!

Our bodies and minds are a sucker for routine. (Just think about your sleep and wake patterns).
With a gradual change of season, we too can sometimes go into a ‘fitness hibernation’ until the warm weather is back again to inspire our fitness regime!
Along with the start of winter, our journey from the top of the slippery slope might also begin!

Are you becoming too inactive during the lock down?

However, all is not doom and gloom here is the 21/90 rule!

The great news is that we adapt to routines quite fast. We adapt within 18-21 days.

 You might already know of the 21-90 rule? This means that if you can do your personal routine for up to 21 days this will become a habit of at least 90 more days, and then it is your lifestyle!  

Great! The right amount of time to burn some fat then!

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Do it for 21 days in 90 days it becomes a habit!

Let us apply this 21/90 rule to our current or beginning fitness routine. (Bearing in mind that we all have the added challenge of the COVID -19 lockdowns).

The closing of gyms has of course made our fitness goals much harder. However, it does not alter the 21-90 rule. In fact it is more likely that you are experiencing less distractions and excuses during these times, Perfect conditions to attain your goals.

Here are some fundamental points for achieving fitness during lockdown.

Coupled with some cardio time and sensible eating this will also lead to rapid fat loss, Yay!

Muscle Genetics Stretch bands


The rule behind all success! Perhaps you might want to start with 20 mins per day, for four times per week. You know yourself well enough, do you want to push yourself 30 to 40 mins five to six times per week?

Whatever level you are comfortable starting at, the main point is to congratulate yourself, you have started!


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Most people have gained a lot of weight (Fat) during lockdown because they are either A), Eating out of boredom (being beside the kitchen all day long) or B), Eating the same number of calories they would normally eat when the gyms are open and when they are moving around at work, (only now they are much more sedentary)!

Think the following:

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Try to view food in terms of how it can help your body. Your choices can mean you aid your body to repair and rejuvenate or, your choices can mean your body has to digest and process toxic elements creating fatigue, low energy levels, and poor performance (mentally and physically)!

CARBOHYDRATES Energy for your body and brain to function. Eat too many of the wrong carbohydrates coupled with not enough output, and your body will store and convert these excess carbs as Fat.

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These help to build and repair the body, such as skin, hair muscle and bone. (Do you still require the same intake as you would when training was more demanding at the gym)?

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Protein powders are a great way to get your required amount each day. How much protein should you be consuming?
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This substance is also an energy source for your body so you need to watch the amount and type you are having and what you are having it with, REMEMBER Carbohydrates are also an energy source for your body! Remember what happens when your body does not require excessive amounts of energy sources? The ( glycogen) eventually get stored as FAT!

Try to eat these meals in moderation!


Do not stop to think with negative questions such as

“Do I feel like it?” or “  I will do my workout it after this movie!”

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Don’t wait around deliberating, put your trainers on and get going!

If you are doing a routine cardio session at home (on the bike for example), you are entitled to have fun. Put on your headphones or watch a Netflix movie at the same time. You will see how quickly the time passes! What a great time to binge-watch your favourite series!

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Get through your home work out whilst watching Netflix!

Be aware of the FOOD you buy!

Think your way to success!


You can also contact MG Nutrition at if you would like FREE support and advice throughout your lockdown fitness journey.

(Please note that this information on our blog is based on someone who is already aware of their health status and knows that they are fit enough to start a fitness programme. If you are in doubt due to a medical condition, you must contact a professional Doctor/Physician first).

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What to do next:

GOOD LUCK! Love health, love life, love MG!

Jan 2021

 “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” 

1 Corinthians 6:19 http://1 Corinthians 6:19

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