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The word isolate means to remain alone or to be separated

apart from others.

Therefore, it is called a protein isolate because various components are separated from the whey. (Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained).

These separated components (such as fats lactose and frequently gluten), are NOT so much of a favourite with athletes

and others with a steady fat loss goal and more frequently, people suffering with Coeliac.

Is bodybuilding difficult NOO

But what exactly are the benefits, and should YOU invest in a protein isolate?

With all the components such as fat, sugar and gluten removed from protein isolate powders, the purity is far more superior to a standard whey protein.

This also allows for a faster absorption rate into the body. 

Faster protein synthesis = faster muscle repair and growth!

Amino Acids Building blocks

Seriously consider an isolate protein powder if:

Compare a regular whey protein nutritional chart…

Supreme Pro Whey Choc Honeycombe

With a typical protein isolate nutritional chart below explaining the macro values at 100grms, 50grms and 25grms.

Nutritional Servings Bodybuilding Facts

You can see immediately when comparing the contents per 100grams, the sugar is much lower and the protein content much higher in the protein isolate!

There are many brands of protein isolates currently on the market so ultimately it is up to you to read the nutritional values per serving and decide if the discrepancy in protein carbs and sugars amongst the brands could influence your goal!

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