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Dear MG Nutrition Customers,

Welcome to MG’s first health and fitness blog! In a nutshell both I Rachel, and Silvio (The Directors of MG Nutrition) are here to talk to you about the basic fat

loss process!

It really isn’t rocket science to lose fat consistently!

Of course, most of you understand that in order to burn fat your output must be greater than your calorific intake, and intake in this case being

carbohydrates and sugars, as well as ingesting saturated fats at the same time. These fats are also found in substances such as biscuits, ice-cream and kebabs.

However, being aware of how much food you should eat, and when to eat your macros (such as carbohydrates), can and will dramatically decrease your fat storage.

You see it is very simple if you can control (in particular) the amount and type of food you are eating especially before bed your body is more likely to eventually use up your fat reserves over a consistent period of time.

Morning Mealtime is essential

Weigh to go

Here are some fast and useful tips to achieve consistent and stable fat loss:

Nutrition Facts for Weight Loss

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